Best E Cigarette Battery

We get this question quite a lot via email:  “What is the best e-cigarette battery?”

It’s really down to what you are looking for in a battery.

If you want something heavy duty, (this is more for advanced e-cig users), we suggest you take a look at the Triton Tank system offered by Halo Cigs.  Another very slick, advanced battery is offered by VaporZone.  They aren’t for the novice user’s however, so if you are just starting out in smoking vapor cigarettes, you probably want to go with something more basic.

Out of the traditional model where you buy a starter kit and simply use cartridge refills, we recommend you take a good look at V2 Cigs.  They have powerful 4.2 volt batteries that produce some serious vapor.  These look and feel just like a typical cigarette, so you can fit in anywhere while you enjoy the luxury of smoking water vapor cigarettes.  Some of the more powerful e-cig batteries in contrast, are very big and bulky, and don’t really resemble a cigarette.  However, there are the hobbyists out there that want that vapor burst and the most powerful battery available, so they certainly have options.

The fact is, if you haven’t yet tried e-cigarettes, you can buy any of our recommended brands and you’ll be fine.  We’ve personally used all of these brands have extensive experience with them, so you don’t have to troubleshoot or experience the same learning curve we went through when we eventually settled in on the brands we use.