Best Vaporizer Mods

Vaporizing is a bit like vaping, but uses dry herbs instead of nicotine in liquid. It is an activity that emulates smoking from a Hookah but is often a means of creating a relaxing aroma or diffusing minerals, not necessarily a machine for vaporizing. These machines typically start at around $60+ with the whole kit included, and that kit is pretty loaded with stuff. Vaporizer mods require some maintenance.

Customizable Units

Even small vaporizers can be customized to come with extra features or to become multi-function items. You might turn a larger, table-top vaporizer into an aromatherapy unit if it is capable of modification.

Looks are what attract many vapers to a particular model, especially if they can choose color, patterns, or engravings for the core unit. Blown-glass features (knobs and mouthpieces) are available as unique items beautiful in their own right. Fun models resemble items people keep in their purses, like lipstick tubes.

How it Works

A vaporizer heats a chamber which contains herbs or minerals. Air is forced through the unit with a fan powered by battery or plugged into an outlet. Users get their vapor at certain intervals.

With a mod, you can adjust the heat and fan speed to your liking so you get more or less vapor, a different mouth feel from the different temperature, and to make the most of a particular herb’s flavor profile. Usually, these features are controlled using a dial or button on the side of a small unit. Digital controls are built into larger, table-top mods. Some even come with a remote control so you can preset the unit before you are ready to sit down.

Sometimes a grinder is included. Usually, though, customers buy an herb grinder separately.

It takes some getting used to a unit as there are whips, screens, stirring tools, and heat shields. Mouthpieces are replaceable or can be cleaned and reused.

Buying Herbs

Locating herbs for these things is not as easy as finding e juice. There are lots of them out there, but also many places selling marijuana. If you want a legal experience, then your search will be somewhat refined.

All-natural herbs are not cheap. They can cost close to $50 per ounce, though there are probably some that are more expensive if you look. You can add e juice to herbs for added flavor.

Many vapers use dry tobacco. If you are not into that flavor, tobacco-free shisha is available. Varieties include mixed fruit, apple, blueberry, and other fruits.