A Tube Mod is the cylindrical cousin to a box mod in the vaping world. Although there are lots of tube-shaped e cigs (eGos, for instance), these are not mods unless they offer the user a way to adjust voltage at least, possibly voltage and wattage as well. Dozens of DNA VW box mods have been released, but relatively few tubular devices. Here are some tube mods that vapers think highly of. They represent a wide range of pricing possibilities.

Wizard’s Apprentice

I am giving you fair warning so sit down if you are afraid of financial heights: this is an expensive e cig at around $300. The Wizard’s Apprentice is made from stainless steel which is an expensive start, but a durable one. It comes with the Evolv DNA20 built in, another reason you pay more: this is the benchmark in DNA chips. When you find a mod priced $100 or so, it is usually decked out with a clone of the Evolv chip.

With the DNA20 installed, you can adjust wattage from 7 to 20 watts and your e cig is protected against many of the common mishaps which cause irreparable damage to mods. The Wizard’s Apprentice uses an 18500 or 18650 battery and has a 510 pin for easy connection to lots of tanks.

The 30 Watt Chi by KSD

Here is another variable wattage mod with a DNA chip, but not an Evolv. You pay just $60 for more wattage, a lockable firing pin, and an OLED display. This shows volts, wattage, resistance, and battery level. With a 10-second automatic shut-off feature, the Chi shuts down if you hold the button in too long and threaten to overheat the battery.

There is low-resistance detection, reverse battery protection, and more. These are standard features of variable wattage chips, and though the price indicates you won’t be passing this item down to your descendants, at least it is an affordable step past regular eGo e cigs. Don’t forget to budget for a battery and tank. A removable beauty ring is also included.

DNA 30 by Tobeco

Tobeco is a class act in the clone business, producing numerous low-cost examples of high-end RBAs and RDAs. They also sell an affordable version of the DNA 30 tube mod. It is much like the example above from KSD with 7 to 30 available watts, 0.3 to 3.3-ohm resistance compatibility, and an OLED screen displaying resistance, volts, watts, and battery power. The Tobeco 30 Watt also has a copper firing button. Sub-ohm vaping is of huge benefit to many consumers who get serious about e cigs and regard vaping as a hobby.

Futura Variable Wattage Tube Mod

Here is a DNA 30 for more money and made in the United States, which is a big bonus. More than 90% of all e cig devices are manufactured in China, so vapers will often joyfully shell out more money if that means their money stays at home. The Futura has a variable top cap for compatibility with 21-mm or 22-mm atomizers. The contoured top cap accepts 21 mm. Slanted and 510/eGo caps accept 22-mm diameter attachments.

Materials used to make this expensive machine include 316 Surgical/Marine Grade Stainless Steel and 7075 Ballistic Grade aluminum. It is tough enough stuff for the vaper who knows she is going to drop her vaping device once a week, and not just on the carpet.

The Futura VW Tube Mod has an adjustable center post because of all those variations listed above, and a sensitive firing button so you will not be pressing it too hard and busting the button in short order. The Futura works with any 18 series battery, so it can be long or short.