E-Cigarette Reviews

What we will do here first on our e-cigarette reviews page is match you up with what we feel are the brands that line up with what you currently, or formerly – smoked in a tobacco cigarette.


Looking for an electronic cigarette alternative to a Marlboro, Newport, Camel, or Winston? 

Marlboro Red: V2 Cigs Red Flavor

Newport or Newport Lights: South Beach Smoke Menthol

Bonus Material:  If you want an extra wintergreen taste, try Green Smoke’s Menthol (it’s got a very minty kick).

Camel: Bull Smoke Turkish Tobacco Blend.

We have experience with many other brands, listed above this post on the the top ten chart.  We just felt that many people are looking for something with a similar taste to what they are currently smoking (or previously smoked) in a tobacco form.

Here’s our top two recommendations for 2014:


E Cigarettes have become so popular, so fast, that most consumers don’t know where to start their quest into finding a brand that works for their budget, taste preferences, and style.

We created this site to give consumers a place where no punches would be pulled, and now stone left unturned.  We personally review each e-cigarette brand and give our feedback – good or bad – and report it online for the world to see.

There are many types of e-cigarette smokers, and chances are you are new to electronic cigarette smoking and the concept of water vapor cigarettes, so we’ll start with a simple introduction to a few types of e-cigarettes.

South Beach E Cigarette1.  Two piece e-cigs:

This is made up of a battery and a cartridge.  This is the most popular and common type of device you’ll see in use because they most closely resemble a “real” cigarette.  In fact, most people mistake these for “real” cigarettes.

This is is where 95% of new e-cig smokers start.  The top rated brands that fit this mold include V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, and South Beach Smoke.

2.  Tanks:

A “tank” is bulky, elongated device that resembles a mini flashlight.  The tanks are a bit more demanding in how to use them because you have to fill them with e-liquid, which can get messy and be a pain.  However, the tanks do pack a serious vapor punch and provide a nice vaping experience.  Most people agree with our assessment that these products look nothing like a traditional cigarette.

Examples include Joyetech and the Halo Triton.

VaporZone Rebel3.  Mods and Variable Voltage E-Cigs:

This is for the most advanced user out there or someone who has a knack for innovating and manipulating a device to alter the performance.  A “mod” is a device that allows for customization and essentially is the short word for “modification.”

This is a very vague, general way to put it, but many users choose to modify their electronic cigarette to tinker with the amount of wattage used and the battery type that’s able to be used with the product. There are box mods (square in shape) and tube mods (shaped like a tube) and the market for these continues to grow.

It’s worth nothing the dangers in modifying any electronic device, so please use caution if you decide to make your own e-cigarette like many people on YouTube have chosen to do.

If you demand a high performance e-cigarette and don’t mind your battery looking like a light saber, we highly recommend Vapor Fi’s Rebel electronic cigarette.  You’ll get the best performance and most customizable vaping experience.

You’ll see our electronic cigarette reviews pointing out things such as price, brand reputation, and of course, product performance.  Use our review dialogue to find the best product to suit your tastes, and don’t forget to use our valuable coupon codes – they’ve saved us thousands of dollars over the years.
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