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When you are looking for the best priced starter kit from an electronic cigarette company, you do not want to spend a lot of money, not at first. Plenty of flavor cartridges from certain e-cig brands are hit and miss. For every person who loves a company, there is another who strongly dislikes it. You might as well start with cheap and work up from there. Using that strategy, you end up with Bull Smoke where you might stay.

Lowest Price Starter

There is not another starter kit on the electronic cigarette market as inexpensive for what you get from a Bull Smoke starter kit. Theirs, priced what many express kits cost at other websites with just one battery, includes the second battery, both chargers (not just a USB which is typical), and 10 pre-filled cartridges.

You get the choice of a City Slicker Kit or a Ranch Hand. Both are aimed at men in particular: the cowboy and the desk jockey.

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Kit

With a Ranch Hand, you can currently order two packs of any flavors and strengths you like. Usually, you automatically receive tobacco. The City Slicker kit comes with the entire lineup, one of each cartridge. Pay $30 either way.

Buckshot (their disposables) costs $5 each online: you read right. They only come in American Ranger 18mg though.

Bull Smoke Review: What about Flavor?

Ten flavors are listed: three sorts of tobacco, chocolate, menthol, peppermint, grape, coffee, vanilla, and cherry. It’s what you would call the basic lineup offered by most e-cig companies.

Refills cost $12.95 for 5. If you buy as few as five or as many as 9 packs, you pay $11.95 per pack, while buying 10 or more packs brings them down to $9.95 each.

Bull Smoke Cartomizers

The Life of a Bull Smoke Battery

The standard, regular-sized battery at Bull Smoke is a keeper, out-performing many others. Really this is perhaps the strongest feature of the brand. You might not like that the only colors are orange, white, black, and stainless, but this is a cheap brand for both people on a budget and new ex-smokers looking for authentic-looking electronic cigarettes. You pay for style by the way which, in the case of Bull Smoke, is lacking somewhat (if that matters). I would say vapor (pretty thick here) is more important.

Choose from 3 sizes, the smallest (a Stubby) being the least powerful and the largest (a Kentucky) creating a more powerful but also heavier, longer cig that could feel awkward.

Another choice found on some sites and not others is between manual and automatic batteries. Good for Bull Smoke for giving consumers the option to choose for themselves.

Bull Smoke E Cigarette Batteries

E Cig Discounts

The big electronic cigarette companies (Bull Smoke is one of them) post coupons over the internet and offer discounts at different seasons. Right now if you type in “Prancercise” at the checkout, you will receive 20% off your purchase. Why prancercise? The woman behind this exercise craze, Johanna Rohrback, vouches for the non-stinky, non-irritating vapor from Bull Smoke.

The Truth about Accessories

Yes, for a while Bull Smoke was falling behind other e cig companies in the accessories department. They weren’t offering much, but they are working on the problem. A portable charging case is coming soon for $37, and that is a jaw-dropping price. Expect to pay between $40 and $50 elsewhere. Chargers (the wall, USB, and car adaptor) are each priced $15. That is usual, but like the cartridges, pricing in this instance could be better.

Customer Service

Although customer service is prompt and thorough at Bull Smoke, you might think it is also a little cold. There is no rapport between the agent and his customers. He is probably worked off of his feet though since this is a small operation with few employees.