A month ago I truly thought they were done at VaporFi with all of their new products, but they were not. Maybe they still aren’t. Who knows: could they have some other product in the works like a fully mechanical mod, a wax vaporizer, a car mod, or a dripping atomizer?

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All I know is this company is ambitious and thorough, appealing to every audience; welcoming every vaper into the fold. Whether you are just starting or looking into advanced electronic cigarettes, VaporFi is ready for you.

VaporFi BannerVapor Fi Review

Here is a rundown of their starter kits so far. They are the Express, Pro, Air, Pulse, Rocket, Rebel, Orbit, and Vox50 Mod. The company also carries e liquid made in the United States with USP ingredients and available in 30,000+ possible flavors if you count customization options. Add a section of accessories thick with items to complement every e cig: chargers, fresh batteries, atomizers, and tanks. VaporFi has it all.

VaporFi Express e cigThe Express

Their first e cig is a cigalike for $29.99.

Your kit contains two batteries, one standard and the other long, plus a charging kit.

You won’t ever see pre-filled cartomizers or bottled e liquid in a starter kit by VaporFi, but when you want to add them, choose from 5 pre-filled flavors, purchase blank cartomizers, or you can attach a clearomizer instead.

With two battery sizes, you have the choice of a lighter, more cigarette-like unit or adding a few millimeters for added power.

VaporFi ProPro Kits: Black, Colors, or Platinum

If you were to progress with e cigs, this could be your next choice, and for some this is a first choice.

The Pro is a 650-mAh e cig.

Connect almost any VaporFi clearomizer to the battery, but the usual Pro cartomizer isn’t clear except for a viewing window.

Prices start at $49.99 for the black Pro starter kit which arrives with one battery, a cartomizer, and a charging kit.

VaporFi AirLight as Air

Another choice for the second e cig you buy might be the Air, a 4″ e cig of an unusual shape. It’s elliptical.

A price of $39.99 buys one full e cig and chargers.

Take Your Pulse

Before bigger devices were introduced, this was one of the most exciting products sold by VaporFi in terms of looks. That would have been because of a circular charger that allows you to charge the device upright. Although a screen has been installed into the battery, it displays values you cannot set or change. $119.99 buys two 750-mAh batteries and two tanks.

VaporFi RocketsThe Rocket

Here is where the screen matters because voltage on the Rocket is controlled by its owner.

This is one of three new products to be launched by VaporFi this summer.

A 1600-mAh battery with one tank will give you a day and more of vaping enjoyment easily.

Rebellious Vaping

This device is similar to the Rocket in that both of them offer variable voltage, but the Rebel is a telescopic mod offering 600 mAh or 2200 mAh of power. The Rebel kit costs $60 more than a Rocket set as well.

VaporFi Vox 50 ModVOX 50 Mod

A Vox appears unrelated to the other two before it, at least initially.

Then you see that the design is futuristic; the finish is clean. VaporFi is good at creating e cigs you could mistake for props from a movie set in the future.

This is a 2100-mAh unit when a battery is added, but the battery is not included. As far as kits go, this one doesn’t really fit the bill.

A starter kit is supposed to have other things in it besides a vaporizer, especially for $199.99. You could argue, however, that this is the going rate for a 50-watt mod.

Vaping Across the Line

VaporFi crossed that fine line between e cigs and vaporizers by offering their herbal vaporizer called the Orbit. It’s a one-piece design with a single button for controlling temperature.

VaporFi claims it’s easy to fill and simple to use, but they say little else about what it’s made from. I’m looking for a ceramic heating chamber.

Pay $99.99, an affordable price for a good quality herbal vape which is portable and discrete.

Vaporfi e liquidsE Juice from Vapor Fi

As I said, the juice you buy at VaporFi is made in the United States. It comes in glass bottles and is a mixture of artificial and natural flavorings, nicotine (or not), USP propylene glycol and USP vegetable glycerin.

Customers often skip their pre-mixed flavors and just create their own profiles. Select up to three flavors from an extensive list that includes alcohol, cream, brown sugar, marshmallow, tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and tons more. A bottle measuring 30 ml costs $14.99.

An Overall Impression of Vapor Fi

There’s a lot to take in here: e cigs and an herbal vaporizer, products that can be mixed and matched, e liquid, and accessories. Try not to worry about there being too much selection. Vapor Fi is known for excellent online customer service and provides an online chat service for anyone who needs to be guided towards the right device.

Many of you bought your first e cig with VaporFi. Now you are well ready to buy a bigger, more efficient and effective device. It’s like the companywas reading your mind (or watching the stats) because that’s exactly what they provide.


But you haven’t found the best prices by visiting VaporFi. Lots of brands such as SmokTech, Kanger, JoyeTech, and Innokin are also churning out excellent products for less. VaporFi e liquid is another story: at $0.50 per milliliter, it’s difficult to do better.

Then there’s the issue of customer service. Maybe you want to take your chances with a cheaper product from a general retailer, but will you get the best support or full warranty on a product? VaporFi stands by their customers 100%.