Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

This may seem like a stupid question to pose on our website, but we get asked this via email on just about a daily basis.

Do they work? 

V2 Red & Box Of MarlborosAbsolutely.  This is why we started this website.  We are so enamored with e-cigs and the way they work to help people have a smokeless, ash-free smoking experience all while not causing a big stinky odor that we started this website to help people find the best e-cig brands.

How do they work is another question.  Basically, they work by emiting water vapor through an atomized cartridge, or atomizer for short, and they allow the user to draw liquid steam via combustion through the cigarette, mimicking the motion and affects of a ‘real’ cigarette.

They have worked for us, and we’ve kicked the butt, so to speak.  We now smoke e-cigs exclusively.

Some of the top brands we recommend you check out are:

These brands are the creme of the crop, and we suggest you check out those pages to see why we feel that way.