E-Cigarette Tank Systems

Tank systems are for the advanced e-cigarette users. Or, maybe a better way to put it is for the demanding e-cigarette users.

v2 and triton tankA tank system essentially gives you a powerful way to get your nicotine and smoke water vapor with a fillable cartridge that allows you to choose from thousands of e-liquids and juices available from various suppliers.

Here are some photos of batteries that fit the tank system model.  You’ll see they are very advanced and bulky, but the vapor they kick off is amazing.

We recommend the Halo Cigs electronic cigarette Triton Tank system and the Vapor Zone Rebel.  Again, these are for user’s who don’t mind filling their own liquid in the provided clearomizers as well as changing the atomizer every few weeks.  This does require more work than a typical refillable cartridge style of e-cig, but for some people, it’s the way they prefer it.