eGo E Cigs

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular and nearly mainstream alternative to smoking, but you might not realize that an eGo is also an e cig or be aware of the variety in electronic cigarettes in this class. When you decide to keep vaping and want a longer-lasting battery or maybe want to try out a tank system, eGo e cigs are usually the answer. Some smokers start here because they smoked too heavily for cigalikes to ever be sufficient.

Why eGo?

One reason you would switch to eGo cigs first is that they are only a little more expensive than cigalikes. APVs and variable voltage/wattage mods can carry pretty hefty price tags, tags you are not ready for.

When you reach that point, you are also looking for a DIY device; one you can modify and rebuild. An eGo is usually simple, with perhaps three or four parts. Sometimes the mouthpiece forms a 4th part, but certain models mold this to the tank.

In contrast to cigalikes, eGo e cigs let you vape for a longer period of time and also create more vapor than cigalikes.

Meanwhile, they are affordable to buy and fairly small. Small versions are only a bit longer than basic e cigs.

Why are eGo e Cigs Better?

The reason eGo e cigs do a better job and last longer is mostly because the battery is bigger. The design allows for a 650mAh battery or up to about 1100mAh. If you are not quite sure what this means, compare 1100mAh to your 180mAh cigalike battery.

With almost ten times more, you can imagine how much more a device is capable of, especially in terms of vapor production. All devices are created for compatibility: cigalikes with their tiny cartridges, eGos with their small tanks.

Power has to be greater with an eGo because you can put more juice in the tank. Usually it holds at least double the capacity of a regular e cig, but tank sizes can be quite large. Also, with a larger tank, it looks better to have a larger battery. They fit neatly together if they are compatible.

What is an eGo Tank?

A tank is the device holding your e liquid and connected to an atomizer or heating element. This connects to the battery that provides the energy. Your tank will be clear, tinted, or covered and has a shaped mouthpiece fitted to the top like a cigarette filter.

Not all tanks are as good as every other. Some leak. Some are hard to dismantle and clean. Certain ones are made of glass for a pure tasting e juice, but others are plastic which affects flavor.

Also, not all tanks go onto every eGo battery. They either have to be threaded the same way (510 or eGo thread are typical) or you have to use an adaptor. If the fit is not aesthetically pleasing but functional, a cone streamlines the look.

Top Name in eGo

The standout and original eGo manufacturer today is Joyetech. They make many eGo versions at several price points, but all of them are affordable. The easiest ones to use do not have to be taken apart: you throw the cartridge away rather than buying and fitting a new atomizer.

As they become larger and more sophisticated, their capacity changes and there are more features, or they take bigger batteries. Joyetech is also available from lots of distributors and retailers or online sales sites.