805 Vapor

Another name for Vapor Connection is 805 Vapor, so this 805 Vapor review will serve for both of them. Their newest venture is to offer online shopping, but the site is not fully up and running yet.

Anyone who has heard about the service and selection at their three California stores will be excited to know that they do not have to trek from their homes an hour’s drive away or further. They can place orders online and wait for the mail to arrive.

Shops in Ventura Counties

805 Vapor runs shops in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and Isla Vista. Reviews pertaining to the Thousand Oaks location point out the lack of pressure sales: an important point. Many stores around the United States, generally, are known for pressure sales, and you have your choice of guilty parties amid the many California vapor shops. At the very least, certain employees get pushy even if the rest of the staff is laid back — but not at Vapor Connection.

The shop has a rewards program, experienced staff, and lots of stock to browse. Customer service is spot on, but one of the best parts is the vape bar. If you get the chance to visit apparently the view is great too.

It is a bit expensive to shop here, but loyalty rewards could help to offset costs, not to mention being able to pick up products on site instead of ordering them for online delivery.

The New Website

From the look of things, 805 Vapor’s website is destined to be a friendly, inviting place for individuals with no e cig experience or very little. Like the shop itself, the website will feel inviting if you are new to vaping and need some advice from their Vaping 101 section.

Stock Selection from Vapor Connection

So far, impressions suggest the store is going to sell high-end items. Juices will be boutique selections: Five Pawns and 4 Seasons Elixir, for instance. They aren’t cheap. Electronic cigarettes will include high-end mods and not clones either.

A good thing about their stock is that staff and owners have tried it all. There is nothing they carry or will sell online which has not been personally tried and proven by them.

Connecting with 805 Vapor

Clearly, this business wants a connection with its customers. To stay in touch, watch them regularly on Facebook. Sign up for the newsletter. These are ways to receive details about discounts and promotions while they are hot and selection is good.