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The UK might not be into e cigs to the same extent as America — yet — but they appear to be catching up. While Britons buy a lot of their gear and juices from the US, they also have choices of their own. Mind you, as this Ace Vapers review makes clear, the US is important to Ace Vapers.

acevapers.comE-Liquid from Ace Vapers

Nicotine juice ingredients from Ace are sourced in the United States, so even while supporting a UK business, the United States makes a sale too. The United Kingdom isn’t known for its tobacco-growing industry, so it’s hardly surprising.

Ace chose to sell organic e-liquid in 15 flavors and 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths. Flavors include Cake Mix, Bananas Foster, Blueberry Pancake, and Peach Praline. Where e-liquids for starters are concerned, it’s an interesting mixture of fruits and desserts. A 10ml bottle costs £4.48, but a free one is included in a starter kit.

Starter Kits

The £23.99 Beginner Kit from Smoktech includes 5 DC 510 cartomizers (blank), a wall adapter and USB charger, two 280mAh batteries with blue LEDs, and the option to upgrade to more expensive XL cartos with twice as much capacity (1.6ml vs. 0.8ml). E-liquid is your choice.

An Ego-C Intermediate package for £48.44 features a 1000mAh battery, while the Ace eGo kit is £35.99 with the same power, two batteries, five atomizer heads and two cones, two atomizer caps, five blank cartridges, and the charging pair.

Not all kits come with juice, but you get 10mls with the eGo Slim Bundle for £18.99. It also comes with a 900mAh battery, case, charger, and a clearomizer. Search here also for Joyetech products, a Smoktech DCT, a CE4 Clearomizer, and the ZMAX V2 Advanced. Pay £49 for that last kit.

Contact Ace Vapers

To get in touch with Ace, email them, use their internet contact form, call, or write the Northampton mailing address which is strictly for mail, not a physical shop.