Alt Smoke

Several electronic cigarette shops now have physical locations because the attitude to e smoking is positive. Consumers see these are not tubes for smoking marijuana. They help regular smokers give up the chemicals that are killing them.

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Physical shops are convenient, but Americans still shop online too. Even if you plan to shop in person one day, start your assessment online. This Alt Smoke review could help you decide on a place to shop.

VaporZone E-Liquid

Personally, if I’m shopping for e-liquid, I shop at VaporZone.  They are on another level in terms of quality USA-made E-liquid.

Their e-juice is customizeable also, as you can mix flavors to suit your taste.

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The Website

The Alt Smoke website is appealing, designed much like several e cig brand sites. Colors and lighting are bright and inviting. A slide show depicts changing images at the top. At first you might think you have lit on an electronic cigarette brand called “Alt Smoke” until you see other brand names you recognize.


Names Onsite

You will find Silver Bullet, Volt, JoyeTech, and other electronic brands at Alt Smoke. These individual companies provide their own warranties, which is one advantage of ordering from them directly. Alt Smoke gives you a 14-day money back guarantee and 6 months warranty on some items. This is below standard, so be forewarned. At the same time, you could be saving a lot of money if your timing is right.

What Do They Carry?

Alt Smoke carries everything you need to start or carry on your vaporizing habit. Continue with pen-style e cigs or move along to tank style systems. Choose single or dual coil atomizers. Elect to purchase products you can rebuild such as cartomizers and atomizers. If a brand makes an electronic cigarette, its catalogue will carry related accessories, but they are all here too. Examples are drip tips, cones, and skirts.

Other Features

One handy aspect of the Alt Smoke site is reviews listed next to products. While reviews on a company’s website might appear biased, one would imagine a superstore would only carry popular goods since it has a choice.