If you are in the Fenton area, Missouri’s Angelsmark welcomes you. They sell electronic cigarettes and eliquid from Monday to Saturday out of a quaint shop. Their home page displays a lovely image of the Angelsmark team. Customers who grow weary of the pub-like atmosphere in many e cig stores will prefer the quieter environment here.

angelsmark-usaOnline Experience: an Angelsmark Review

The online shopping experience at this Fenton shop, however, is frustrating. Are people even supposed to shop online or are products listed merely as a reference?

It was plain that they carried assorted eliquid, but not always clear who the makers were or what flavor a juice was. Some of them had names which would be familiar to anyone who recognizes a bottle.

One was definitely Suicide Bunny. Five Pawns juices are listed along with Sirius Vapors. Another couple lacked identification.

Among Elite Vaporworks eliquid flavors were Banana Nut Bread, Dark and Smooth Tobacco, Joosy Froot, and Pearberry (pear with strawberry). I could not tell you the sizes of bottles, prices, nicotine choices, or vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratios.

If you want information, a number is listed so you can call in for prices and details. I thought the point of a website was convenience?


Besides eliquid, you can search for accessories, look up new items and bestsellers, browse alphabetically, or explore according to a price range. Searching could lead you to Innokin products like the VTR for $98 and iTaste VV for $38.

A Fogger V3 costs $40. Pay $30 for a Joyetech 1000mAh pass-through battery. Pricing isn’t too bad; however, nothing is added to describe each product, indicate if it’s in stock, or tell me what other customers have said about these items.

Visiting Angelsmark

There isn’t much chatter online about Angelsmark, not good or bad. Customer impressions tell readers employees here are great. There have been stock issues, but consumers have enjoyed visiting in person and learned a lot when they needed advice.