Antonio Villard

E cig mostly stands for electronic cigarette, but sometimes it stands for e cigar. That is the case at Antonio Villard, who specializes in electronic cigars.

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Antonio Villard brings you choice. The most likely flavor of e cigar currently available is Cuban, or Cuban style, and in one size. A number of e cig companies make them or retailers carry one. Antonio Villard provides three styles of mainstream cigar tastes: the Maracello, Royal Premium, and Cubana.

A reasonable guess would be that Cubana represents the Cuban cigar, a mid-color and smooth variety costing $19.95, disposable, at Antonio Villard. That should buy you the equivalent of 5 or 6 cigars.

A Royal Premium has a dark finish and is wider than the others. For $30, you get a green or red LED light and high or 0% nicotine. This is standard at AV: no nicotine or lots of it.

Try the light-colored and light-flavored Maracello, available as a rechargeable kit for $89.95. This buys two refill cartridges, a cigar unit, and a charger. You should be able to vape for days without producing ash or fumes or recharging the battery.


The home page for Antonio Villard makes you think of a hardwood desk, leather chair, and perhaps Donald Trump surrounded by the best of everything. You don’t vape one of these while wearing ripped jeans and flip-flops. You could, but it doesn’t fit the image that comes complete with a company crest, like some ancient family.

Ideal Audience

One can imagine these going down well with an audience of business people or stalwart cigar smokers who want better health but the feel, look, and taste of a cigar. You can feel good about giving these out as corporate gifts or to celebrate the birth of a grandbaby. Puff on an Antonio Villard eletronic cigar with a glass of well-aged whiskey in your other hand. There’s room for the whole bottle where an ash tray used to be.

Club Series E Cigars

The products listed above were the realistic e cigars, but what about the club-going audience? Could young people become hooked on e cigars instead of (or as well as) e cigs? That seems to be the goal with disposable mini e cigars costing $7.95 for 200 puffs.

Their flavors are black cherry, grape, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, and traditional cigar. These are like electronic hookah cigars: sweet, convenient, and affordable (except that orders are only free after $99).

More Marketing

Antonio Villard also provides cigar girls. You can rent them for a convention, business meeting, or party. Antonio Villard is located in Tuscon, Arizona.