Apollo ECigs

Apollo has an advantage in the growing market for electronic cigarettes: anyone searching alphabetically will come to Apollo right away. This is a good place to start, too, because information is laid out in a user-friendly way for new electronic smokers just making the switch from tobacco to smokeless cigarettes. In this review, learn the high points and any negatives to beware of.

I’m here to warn you today, that Apollo ECigs was an advertiser here at AFWS.net, but they are a bit overdue on some back-pay, and for that reason, I must expose them for the crooks that they are.

Apollo E Cigs Scam Paul Coskun is in charge at Apollo Electronic Cigarettes, and he’s been dodging this conversation long enough.  I told him I’d out his brand for the lack of integrity he’s showed thus far.  Paul, you know what this is all about.  You’ve stolen from this website, after all the traffic generated and sent to you was “deleted” by your own very acknowledgement.  Shame on you, Paul.

I’m afraid that when I review e-cig brands, I review them from the top down.  So, I’m officially calling this company a SCAM as they have stolen from the hard work I put into advertising for them.  I did think their product line was unique, but it’s not even close to the best brands out there, and with the way their childish company displays themselves with people they do business with, I decided it’s time to put a stop to this once and for all.

Apollo E-Cigs is a Scam.

Do NOT buy online at: http://apolloecigs.com – Instead Visit V2Cigs – the top brand out there.

Starter Kits: Beginners

The great thing about starter kits from Apollo is that they are described according to who should use them. If you have never vaporized before, the entire concept is new. You need a simple product suitable for your lack of experience and the amount of smoking you plan to do.

For example, the Standard Kit contains two-piece cigs (battery and cartomizer) plus two automatic, rechargeable batteries. Manual batteries are available but sold separately, probably a good move on behalf of newbies. Electronic smoking takes some getting used to without learning how to use a manual battery as well. This kit is for light smokers, so the battery lasts for 1 to 2 hours if used constantly. Choose your flavor and strength of juice.

Apollo Ecigs Starter Kit

Starter Kits: Advanced E Smokers

For advanced electronic vaping, Apollo introduces smokers to the tank system. This gives the user more control over his experience, plus a longer battery life and more liquid per session. Tanks simply have greater capacity. Your kit comes with clearomizers instead of cartomizers. Each e cig is created using a few more parts than the usual electronic cigarette.

Your package comes with a lanyard, empty bottle so you can mix liquid if that’s what you want, a wall adaptor, and a USB charger.


Most companies are not as generous with their warranty. Apollo’s is for life where electronic parts are concerned. Shipping is free. These added features point to a high quality product, though you also pay a bit more for the brand.

Visit their website http://apolloecigs.com