Artisan Vapor Company

Artisan Vapor Company (AVC) runs shops in Plano, Arlington, Irving, and Bedford Texas. They get mixed reviews from consumers with some ranking higher than the others.

Their website is bright, visually pleasing, well organized, and features AVC products alongside brands of hardware. Customers will recognize most of them, but if you are new to vaping, a visit to one of these stores is highly recommended. Here you will discover as much or as little information as you can handle for now, and come back for more as you gain experience.

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You might be interested to know that Artisan Vapor Company offers franchise opportunities. If you want to own a business with the potential to really take off, this could be the right market.

You have to be passionate about electronic cigarettes and really good e-juice though. Consumers can spot a fraud.

Artisan Vapor Company Review

Kanger, Joyetech, Boge, and Aspire are well known brands sold here. Innokin and Sigelei are two other popular names. An LH1 Kit, however, might not have crossed your path before. This kit contains a mechanical mod made from stainless steel, a tank, and two RCR 750mAh batteries. AVC also throws in two 15ml bottles of their e-liquid, all for $99.

This is a featured item along with the Kanger Airflow Control Valve ($5) and Kanger Protank 3 Mini Kit ($14.99). Top Sellers are Kanger and ViVi Nova coils and Pipe Tobacco e-liquid, but this could all change in 24 hours.

New products include a Taurus RDA by Datouch Customs, V3tronix Flip, and Hana Mod by HCigar.

AVC appears to be a fan of the iTaste line. They sell the VV V3.0, VTR, SVD, MVP, and the iTaste 134 (also the Mini) among other digital mods.

Bagua Sigelei mods sell for $35. A search reveals Caravela, Chi You, the Juggernaut, and Smoktech Magneto. That’s just the start.

E-Liquid by AVC

All liquids by Artisan Vapor Company are made by hand in the United States as is fitting considering their name. Juice is available in 15 and 39ml bottles. Customers will discover tobacco, fruit, dessert, and beverage flavors on the menu.

Beast Energy emulates an energy drink. Kentucky Toasted Tobacco and Dark Vanilla Tobacco give your usual tobacco fix a twist. Sweets like Gingerbread and Cinnabun qualify as comfort “food.” Fresh Melon, Blue Raspberry, and Juicy Peach are refreshing fruits.

Selection is excellent. Chocolate fans and mint lovers will also discover their tastes are catered for. NuPort will satisfy menthol vapers in 0, 8, 16, 24, or 30mg of nicotine.

I appreciate that Artisan Vapor Company lists ingredients for their e-liquids so I can see that they use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and artificial sweetener in the case of NuPort. Bottle sizes were not immediately obvious. I would imagine, for $8.50, customers receive 15mls. Discounts apply to purchases of 6 or more bottles, with an even better discount on 12 bottles.