Better Vapes

Better Vapes is an all-rounder, playing every position on the e-cig team by selling devices, parts for devices, and e-juices to drip into them. Here is a list of some e-cig products you might have on your wish list and could pick up for yourself online. If some of the terms below are unusual or you are unsure about what step to take next (or first) with vaping, check out the information section.

bettervapes.comAdvanced Equipment and Parts

Smoktech is a big name in electronic cigs, manufacturing expensive products like APVs but also simple cartridges and batteries. The 1300mAh Smoktech Winder costs $29.99 at Better Vapes. The Dripper RDA is $6.99 and an RSST Tank costs $29.99. This is an RBA or rebuildable atomizer for an APV.

EHPro is also a well-known name if you like big modifiable e cigarettes, or “mods” as they are known. Pay $54.99 for a stately Maraxus and blow thick, white clouds of vapor every time.

Try a Phoenix RDA V6, for $10.99. If you use mods, an Ohm reader is essential, sold here for $9.99 (an absolutely awesome price). Of course they have IMR 18650 and 18350 batteries, etc. for mods since most devices come with the unit only and no accessories.

Charging Devices

The usual price for a charger if you buy another one outside of the items in your electronic cigarette kit is at least $10, sometimes closer to $20. You are paying for the name as much as anything else.

A lot of batteries from mini cig starter kits are supposed to be compatible only with proprietary chargers. That’s not always so, actually. Find out for sure because you pay $3.99 for a car adapter, wall adapter, or USB charger at Better Vapes. They should work with all your eGo batteries.


The Vivi Nova Mini Davide is a piece of beautiful hardware for $17.99. Kanger Pyrex Protanks fill from the bottom and hold 2.5ml. Pay $19.99. Better Vapes also carries CE4 and CE5 clearos, the latter being rebuildable.

E-Liquid at Better Vapes

House liquid at Better Vapes contains no gluten, 0 to 36mg of nicotine in 1 or 2mg increments, comes with childproof caps, and provides the option of 100%PG or 80/20 VG/PG. All juices are made to order in the United States. The Better Vapes site is riddled with warnings both because nicotine is a poison and so the company is ready to face FDA regulatory bodies when they call. Ingredients are GRAS- and FDA-approved.

There are 224 items, but if no single flavor quite has what you want, Better Vapes carries DIY liquid and equipment for mixing. There is no GMO or diacetyl in any of their flavorings.

Some of their flavors are Chocolate-Orange, Coconut Cream Pie, Cucumber-Melon, and Apple Fritter. In spite of the glut of e-liquid companies selling the same boring flavors with the same names, Better Vapes manages to come up with a few pleasing twists.

Gingerbread, honey, and dill pickle provide three more choices. Buy a 17ml bottle for $7.49. That’s a great price, but you can also pick up 11ml for $4.99 or larger bottles (22, 31, 50, 120, 250, and 500ml).

To customize a flavor (as if 224 flavors were not enough), add cinnamon, tobacco, spearmint, Koolada, menthol, sour, or sweetener.