Big Bang E-Cigs

Take a walk around Atlanta, Georgia, and you will eventually find yourself at Big Bang, an e-cig shop. The company is based in Alpharetta and Sandy Spring in Georgia where three people have been running an evolving business since the fall of 2012.

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From Monday to Sunday, the company sells Kanger and JoyeTech e-cig kits, RBAs, wire, wick, and mesh for rebuilding, and equipment to either start vaping or enjoy it as fulfilling technical hobby. If you live in Boston or Salt Lake City and are still interested in this company, they ship for free when your order reaches $50.

Shopping at Big Bang

Besides the items listed above, they also carry Genesis atomizers, clearo tanks, VV/VW mods, and mechanical mods. A Smok Pyrex DCT costs $12.99. Examine an SS Avenger V3, priced $199.99. The Chaser Chrome or Golden Pipe Mod by SmokTech carries a $54.99 price tag, but a Magnetic Natural will cost you $45.99.

Head the other direction again with a Prometheus Tank valued $189.99, while AGA-T2/TD and AGI RBAs range from $21.99 to $32.99. You will see the Smok RSST for $31.99. Clearly, as hobbies go, this one is cheaper than putting your kids into ice hockey but potentially more expensive than learning the names of wildflowers. Think carefully before you give up cigarettes and get hooked on RBAs.

Bomb Sauce

Bomb Sauce e-liquid contains USP-certified food grade ingredients in 32 flavors. The ratio is 60/40 in favor of vegetable glycerin and contains up to 24mg of nicotine. There is a very good chance you were tempted to try it because of the funny stories accompanying many of the flavors. Someone at Big Bang has real talent.

An AK47 is armed with peach, banana, and strawberry. Fear the Rainbow should remind you of another, more benign rainbow from the candy aisle. Pay $7.99 for 15ml and smile at this low price.