Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs have been a top seller and popular maker of electronic cigarettes for a few years, and the company is even endorsed by celebrities. When consumers see beloved actors and actresses using a product, they are willing to try it too. It is a smart move to get them on side for advertising purposes.

A Blu Review

Blu E Cigs are popular for several reasons. One is choice: they make 4 starter kits and carry several flavors. Those flavors, moreover, are made in Johnson Creek, a company from Midwestern USA, and Americans are patriotic about their vapor. The vapor contains no propylene glycol, which makes many smokers very happy indeed. Flavor choices make the brand suitable for smokers who have never touched an ordinary cigarette as well as converts. These flavors include menthol, cherry, vanilla, and coffee.

Of course, tobacco is an option too. Some people have grown to love this flavor, thanks to their long-held analog smoking habit. They don’t want anything fancy, but they do know they have to make a switch for their health.

Blu Technology

Blu Cigs has a gimmick to offer: Smart Packs. These come with Premium and Premium 100 starter kits and enable a Blu Cig smoker to know when another e smoker is nearby, smoking on the same brand. Maybe this feature is not necessary, but it’s a lot of fun. Another way to know if someone is smoking Blu E Cigs is by the blue LED light which comes on when users puff on their cigs.

The Disposable Option

Consumers on the go are not necessarily interested in packing a charger and extra cartridges or batteries with them to hotels when they travel. Disposables allow them to travel light, with their one-piece design. Use them for up to 400 puffs then throw them out. Another reason to try disposables is when you want to decide if you like Blu Cigs before buying a starter kit. It is far more economical to take this route at first, although you only get menthol or tobacco.

Warranty Might Make You Blue

Some of the big name firms in electronic vaping have chosen to offer a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts. Blu has not made this choice, and it might make a few consumers wonder. Is Blu afraid their parts will break down? Do they charge less in exchange for a shorter warranty? Independent reviews should help you find out.