Breathe Fresh

Breathe Fresh electronic cigarette brand aims to help new comers into the industry. It is simply the most basic option available in the market and is best for those who are hesitant to discover the electronic cigarette because of the prices. One look at this e-cig brand and you will instantly recognize that simplicity is their mission statement. Everything from design to flavors to taste is simple and easy for new comers.

Another important thing to mention about Breathe Fresh is their website. Normally we do not review the websites of the brands but Breathe Fresh came as an exception because its website is so good and easy to use that it deserved a mention here. This is why we conclude that if you are considering about trying an electronic cigarette but due to price or the process you go have to go through to obtain one stop you, then try this brand out.

Breathe Fresh, unlike other brands does not offer too many starter kits or fancy accessories. As mentioned earlier, the brand aims for simplicity, hence there are only two starter kits available to choose from. Breathe Fresh specializes in disposable cigarettes because its aim is to encourage you to try out an electronic cigarette. The disposable e-cig is available for $9.99 (2 pieces) in five different flavors including Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, Coffee and Tobacco. When you order your disposable e-cigarette, you can choose the flavor but there is no option to choose the nicotine strength which is a bit of a downer.

Breathe Fresh starter kits are basic, simple and affordable. The first starter kit comes with one battery, one charger and one flavored cartridge. The second starter kits get you two batteries, a USB charger and 5 refillable cartridges. Both of these are simply and highly affordable.

The only issue we had with Breathe Fresh is that when you buy their starter kit, you cannot choose the flavor or nicotine strength. Both starter kits come in traditional tobacco flavors and 24mg nicotine strength. You can however order a batch of cartridges of your choice of nicotine and flavor. The cartridges are also relatively very cheap with one cartridge costing around $2.50.

The flavor and vapor production isn’t one of the best you can find in the market, but with a brand so affordable, we were willing to forgive. If you are someone new and unaware of electronic cigarettes, this is definitely a brand where you should start from. However keep in mind that the taste and vapor production is not the best and is only intended for casual smokers and beginners. There are far better options available in the market if you desire throat hits and high quality stuff.

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