Brew City Juice

A name like “Brew City” might put you in mind of just a few cities around the United States. If you landed on Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you would be right. There is a new brew in town, though: e-juice for electronic cigarettes.

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The website for Brew City Juice is informational only. Online sales are not available directly from the company, so if you want to conduct a Brew City Juice review, take your custom to That’s No Smoke LLC, Milwaukee Vapor, Vape Select, or 414 Glass & Grooves. These locations sell hand-crafted e-juice and other supplies online and/or in shops. Brew City Juice does not make or carry anything besides e-liquid.

The Menu at Brew City Juice

As menus go this is one of the shortest. You can only pick up 5 flavors currently, available in small glass bottles. The logo is a big smiling sun with lots of rays around it producing a fuzzy “lion” look. There aren’t too many reviews floating around as yet.

Vaccine is Brew City Juice’s version of pear and coconut. The name “Straffles” combines its two ingredients: strawberries and waffles. You can imagine what Umbrella Drink is: summer fruits blended into one juicy, refreshing nicotine juice.

If you favor sweet and tart juices, Bradford Beach could supply a dose of satisfaction flavored strawberry and lemon. Last is the heaviest vape on the list: King Custard. Though creamy, it is described as a light flavor featuring vanilla with a dash of cinnamon to make this custard unique among vapes.

Will Tanks Crack?

Since the website is unhelpful in all matters relating to juice except the descriptions above, you will have to imagine that strawberry lemon could crack your cheap tank or anything made of Polycarbonate. Choose a glass variety for that one. Summer Fruit might also crack a tank, but the fruits chosen for this vape are not listed. The other three should be safe.