Bull Smoke

Have you been searching for an electronic cigarette brand that offers variety, lifetime guarantee, is cheap and durable?

If the answer is yes, than meet your new e-cig:  Bull Smoke.

Buy direct from the company online and save atbullsmoke.com

Most people are shocked to learn that Bull Smoke is only $29 for a starter kit that most competitors sell for $59, $79, or even $99.  Best of all, it’s the same great quality and a “no bs” approach to vapor cigarette smoking.

Here’s their Ranch Hand Starter Kit:

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Kit

Bull Smoke offers limited variety with respect to starter kits as there are only 2 you can get; the City Slicker and the Ranch Hand starter kits. Both kits are priced at $29.99. Unlike other e-cig brands, Bull Smoke does not offer money back guarantee on its products but it does offer lifetime warranty so if any case, something goes wrong with the cigarettes, you can get them changed.

Additionally, there are different flavors that you can opt to get your cigarettes in. All of them are available for $12.95 and contain 5 cartridges.

The flavors include:

  • Refined Blend: Offers smooth and distinct tobacco flavor
  • American Ranger (most popular) classic RED tobacco flavor
  • Turkish Tobacco: Offers middle eastern richness
  • Menthol Breeze: Offers a crisp cooling sensation
  • Coffee Roast: It is aromatic till the last drop
  • Sweet Vanilla: Offers savory goodness
  • Cherry Blast: Offers wild fruit explosion
  • Peppermint Ice: Offers a freshy mint
  • Chocolate treat: It is delicious and rich
  • Grape Escape: Smells like grapes

Here’s their City Slicker Starter Kit:

Bull Smoke City Slicker Starter Kit

Users enjoy smoking Bull Smoke’s cigarettes because they come with Mico Air Flow Sensor technology which guarantees a smooth vaping experience. When you exhale after smoking, the smoke will be thick and rich, allowing you to feel like you are smoking a regular cigarette.

On the other hand, Bull Smoke offers electronic cigarettes with long lasting battery lives as the company partnered with some of the industry’s pioneers in order to make long lasting batteries. A typical e-cig will last for about 75 percent longer.

Bull Smoke ships internationally and accepts payment through Visa, MasterCard and eCheck. On the other hand, there is plenty to get at Bull Smoke aside from the flavor packs and the starter kits. The company offers different accessories such as additional batteries, cases and chargers for users to purchase and add as accessories in their regular starter kits.

You can also get Disposable cigarettes at Bull Smoke. The disposable cigarettes are called Buck Shot. They are designated for one time use, which means that once you smoke it, you toss it. Each disposable cigarette will get you about 450 puffs which is quite a lot.

For the money, you can’t beat Bull Smoke.

Visit their site: http://bullsmoke.com