Choice 7’s

Is the number 7 lucky for e-cig users? Use this Choice 7’s review to find out. Learn about starter kits and variations from this e-cig manufacturer.

First, a note about hybrid e-cigs is due. “Hybrid” made me think automatically of hybrid cars using two types of energy to power the vehicle. Was this what was meant in the e-cig world?

Not at all: it appears the Hybrid model combines the look of a slim vaping pen with the technology of an advanced vaping device. The blend focuses on being able to remove the atomizer without throwing out the mouthpiece. This is cheaper and less wasteful overall as parts of your e-cig will wear out at different rates.

Choice 7’s One KitI like the names of starter kits at Choice 7’s. They simplify matters. When you buy a One Kit you get one battery. Buying a Two Kit gets you a second battery.

At first, the price of a One Kit seemed too high: $29.95 for one battery and a USB charger is about $10 too much, but this kit comes with twice as many cartridges as the usual express kit. A Two Kit comes with 6 cartridges.

The same is true of the Hybrid Kits which are also named “One” and “Two,” like Dr. Seuss characters.

No other company packages their cartridges the way Choice 7’s does. They put two each in a tube which is transparent with colored ends. They are unusual and extra-special. It just goes to show what a difference attention to small details like packaging can mean to a person’s impression of a product.

Choice 7’s shows great pride in their e-liquid. Not only is it made in the U.S.A. but also in-house, which is as much control as any company can have over production. Flavors like peanut butter cup and cheesecake piqued my interest immediately. I could create my own peanut butter cheesecake too.