Cig2o carries the goods you need as an e smoker and nothing extra. They go with the basics, as this Cig2o review will show. Be aware, though, that Cig2o will redirect you to their purchasing site, Vapage, when you choose what to buy.

There is a long list of disposables on the website in regular or mini configurations. They cost $9.99 or $5.99 each. Flavors include coffee, vanilla cream, several tobacco/menthol options, and a number of fruit flavors. The price is fine. Consider them as a means of experimenting with e cigarettes.

Their Pro Kit is way too expensive for what you receive in the box. It looks like a big package of goods with its vertical, carton-style configuration, but all you find inside for $79.99 is the same as you would receive in a Standard or Basic kit; that is, two chargers, 6 cartridges, and two batteries. Tobacco and menthol are your flavor choices in 18mg. A mini kit called the ECiggo is more like it: $19.99 on sale containing 4 cartridges and a USB.

If you want a different level of nicotine, refills satisfy ex-smokers used to 24mg, 18mg (regular), 8mg (a big jump from 18 to 8), and 0 nicotine. If this sounds strange, a lot of ex-smokers try to give up the addictive substance but continue to enjoy the habit of putting “cigarettes” in their mouths.

Each refill cartridge is advertised at about 200 puffs. Five cartridges cost $14.99, which is the price tag on most packages of five. Cig2o is a US company using USA-made juice.

Keep the set current and useful in your daily life by adding accessories. They present a whole new level of convenience to your vaping experience.

Although the Pro Kit is overpriced, accessories carry reasonable price tags. Purchase a wall adaptor and car adaptor for $12.99 as a pair. The portable charging case is $29.99. Your carry case costs $9.99. Buy a pass-through battery for $15.99.

I dislike having to buy the two adaptors together. If I purchase a kit, there is already a wall adaptor in there. Replacement batteries cost $19.99 which is fine. Their selection is limited to automatic, but Vapage manual batteries look compatible.