Not every e cig company gets it right. You would think, if they are just buying mass-marketed Chinese equipment, there would be no way to go wrong, but there are plenty of ways. This CigEasy review describes them, but not without some kudos to CigEasy as well.

Fun Zip EZ

Do you remember Zippo lighters? This is what the Zip EZ looks like, right down to every detail except the innards. Zip EZ looks good on the outside, but one reviewer suggested clients peer inside too. This is where things start to appear ropey. Inner beauty is far more important than an attractive exterior in the long run.

As shiny and lovely as the Zip EZ is, it is also cheap. By this I mean users felt like their unit might not last too long. Then again, for the money you pay, that is no more than you should expect. CigEasy is an economical brand of e-cig.

The Go-Go

Do these descriptors apply to the Go-Go all-day vaping system? Two 1300mAh batteries are included with a cone, 5 blank tanks, and the dual charging system. Users are happy with it, but there is nothing special about its appearance. The price – $59.95 — clearly does not buy you glam, but you can vape for hours.


CigEasy’s website reinforces that inexpensive feel: it does not have the class of other brands, but would you rather pay less or enjoy professional graphics?

Take a look at their site just for buying accessories which are compatible with other brands. A charger kit with a wall adaptor costs $14.95 and can be used with most KR808D-1 batteries. When prices are lowered, you could be better off buying a charger and adaptor separately, saving even more money.

Sale prices on e-liquid are great: 10mls for $4.95 cannot be beaten. One of their brands is USA-made Nicquid. Flavors on their list include Caramel Mocha and Cherry Cordial.