Cigette Vapor

Customers in Wheeling, Illinois (near Chicago), are thrilled to have a new option for their vapor pleasure: Cigette Vapor. This is not a new brand of electronic cigarette or even a brand of e-juice; just the name of a vaping store that has a lot of people saying great things.

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One of those things pertains to the juice they sell. E-liquid by Flavorette USA is reportedly light and flavorful, smooth and pleasing.

Mixologists at Cigette Vapor mix it for you on the premises to custom requirements. There is also a vape bar where clients have the opportunity to try some before they select a bottle to buy and take home.

Flavors on tap include Apples Orchard, Gummy Bear-Coconut, Full House (Tobacco, chocolate, and honey), and Morning Vape (coffee). A 10ml bottle sold online costs $5.99 with a great deal if you buy zero nicotine.

Liquids by Flavorette are made in the USA from organic ingredients, but if you read the website for their flavors, it looks like they are either owned by individuals whose first language is anything but English or that the site is run from a remote, foreign location. The English is a little awkward at times.

Shopping for Electronic Cigarettes

This Wheeling Vape Store operates Monday to Saturday, when clients could find an APV or a mod from one of the major players. These are Smok, Innokin, Joye, and a few others. The online gallery artistically showcases their products such as the iClear 30, iTaste SVD, AGA-T RBA, Vision Eternity, and Joye eVic. These are photographed with such taste that a viewer might think he has stumbled upon a professional photographer’s portfolio, not a shop gallery.

That’s all you’ve got online, by the way: pictures. Apart from e-liquid, no other products can be purchased over the internet. Members of the armed forces receive a 10% discount as a mark of respect.