The tartan background to Cigirex’s website will have you wondering if this is a Scottish company, while the shield bears the Scottish lion. Yet Cigirex is based in New York with physical shops carrying their products around the country. It is one of those e-cigarette companies which have decided not to go with the mainstream flow towards countless exotic flavors and disco colors and is sticking with tobacco and menthol. Their four options are regular, light, and zero nicotine plus one menthol flavor.

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Simple Starter Kits

Each of the four starter kits is the same except for that single option of taste and strength. Otherwise, a kit comes with a single battery, charger, and two cartomizers. These are the equivalent of 70 cigarettes each. Starter packages cost $29.95 each. The website posts a visual how-to for new smokers of electronic devices.

Cigirex Starter Kit

Cartomizer Refills

Refill cartridges are also priced $29.95. An entire pack of 5 cartomizers is said to equal about 175 cigarettes. Each one provides as many as 350 drags. The light version contains 11mg of nicotine, while a regular has 16mg.

The Handy but Pricey Disposable

If you plan to buy disposables, only buy a single once. It costs $11.95 which is pretty high. Purchase three for $25 and get the equivalent of around 42 cigarettes. This way, your cost per cig is just over $8.30. Purchase a ten-pack for $80. Obviously, if you divide 10 into 80, this means each cigarette could cost $8, meaning you save almost $4 each by committing to such a large package.

Cigirex Disposables

Another disposable product featured in this Cigirex review is an e-hookah. It makes a surprise appearance considering the brand otherwise eschews anything sweet. Then again, they only carry one: a Fruit Punch e-hookah with 0.8% nicotine. Cigirex also carries slim e-cigs, perfect for delicate hands.

Cigirex E-Hookah

Military Inspired Cigs

The Black Ops starter pacakge and refills are inspired by the need for stealth and camouflage. These e-cigs come in black matte for zero reflection, feature extra-strength nicotine, and feature a night-vision violet light indicator. It would appear Black Ops was made for anyone who wants to smoke stealthily.