Clean Smoke

Clean Smoke is a very common ecig and eliquid vendor. You won’t find anything unique or extraordinary on their shop. However, if you stick around and test their eliquids, you are bound to find something that will become of regular use for you. We tried some of their flavors and to be honest, they aren’t really anything that would turn off a regular ecig user.

What really turned us off were the flavor varieties. On Clean Smoke, you won’t find any unique blends. What we are trying to say is that you won’t find a combination of flavors that are wild or adventurous in nature. You will only find very generic flavors like menthol, tobacco, apple, coke, red bull and more.

Each of their ecig liquid costs about $7.99 per bottle which is a bit steep if compared to other known names. But since their eliquids are mostly good to taste and feel, we don’t mind paying that much. If your current vendor does not have a good generic flavor, you can try out Clean Smoke’s offerings to see if they have anything that might catch your attention. Just be sure to grab an eliquid that you really want to try out.