Clouds Of Vapor

The owner of Clouds of Vapor writes that he started his company as a result of personal experience. He could not find the pieces he wanted in a single location, so he created a business to address the problem. Presumably he now has everything he needs to vape, but will the average customer?

VaporZone Pulse KitIn my experience, when you are looking for all these components that they sell at Clouds of Vapor, go with the best.  In my opinion, the company that has their act together in this space is Vapor Zone.  

Pictured here is one of their vaporizers, The Pulse

Their website is

I whole heartedly recommend them over any other company selling mods, refillable e-liquids, and atomizers and the such.  

However, since I try to review everything, here’s a few facts about Clouds of Vapor.

A Review

There are a few basic items which must appear on an electronic cigarette parts/accessories site. These are batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, and e cigarettes. After that, companies offer a predictable assortment plus, sometimes, added items one does not see everywhere.

At Clouds of Vapor, this item is the battery spacer. A rare-earth disc magnet elongates your cig battery for charging. Maybe you have seen spacers elsewhere, but they still stand out.


A small selection of starter kits begins at about $19 and runs as high as $60. These are affordable kits, not the stylish, premium kits each brand usually carries. If you want those extra features the options are to go to a brand website or build a kit from parts and accessories found at COV. Kits come from EVOD, iTaste, and Joye.


COV carries the LiFePo battery as well as the popular Li Ion. Selection is not extensive, but Li Ion is a reliable standby.

Modifying an APV

Your APV is designed to be personalized and modified with drip tips and cones etc. Purchase your parts here, including items from Siam. Order tanks and atomizers you can rebuild.

The problem with atomizers is that they usually stop working because a small part inside has ceased functioning. If this part (usually the coil) can be replaced, your atomizer will continue to work for a bit longer. You will save money by reusing atomizers.

You also save money by refilling tanks from a bottle. For $9.99 you get 12 ml of natural juice (organic is also available) in tobacco or sweet flavors. Examples are Kona Cream and Blueberry Pancake.