Crown 7

I struggled with the Crown 7 website. It is not as user-friendly or intuitive as many other product sites, so finding information I needed was a little harder. I’m not saying you have to be a rocket scientist, but all the same: there could be some improvement here. As for the products, read on to find out more.

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Crown 7 Review

How do you rate a product that is not as well known as the high-profile brands? You read the many online reviews and build a profile from there or try out Crown 7 e-cigs for yourself. Buy a few disposables, for instance, and decide if you like their flavor, throat hit, vapor production, and longevity. The price, $8.99, is decent in this market.

Crown7 Electronic Cigarettes
On the Draw

Consumers say that relative to other electronic cigarettes, they found the draw to be smooth and easy. It is not as easy as smoking analogs, but resistance is reasonable. They also enjoyed the long lasting batteries for many hours of smoking on a single charge.

A Few Flavors

Crown 7 makes 7 flavors of e-juice: Razzleberry, Double Apple, Juicy Grape, Strawberry, Peach/Mango, Menthol, and Tobacco. Being Crown 7, the number is fitting, though small compared to the 10 or more produced by other e-cig manufacturers. This company, however, sells tanks. If you want more variety of flavors, just buy bottles of e-juice from other companies and use them with Crown 7 clearomizers.

Electronic Vaping Kits

Uncovering the contents and distinctions between kits was where it was especially hard to figure out the website. Sometimes the contents are listed simply; other times you have to read between the lines to figure it all out.

A Women’s Kit presumes that all women love pink and need to have a mirror on hand. If this is you, then the Women’s Kit is a great deal. It comes with three cartridges, a USB charger, and a rechargeable battery. The case features a mirror so you can reapply lipstick after leaving a ring around your e-cig. The battery tip is bejeweled pink.

A Gladiator Kit is basically an express package containing one battery, a USB charger, and a clearomizer tank. An o-ring prevents leaking and the device is button-controlled for more satisfactory vaping. It costs about $35: not bad for an introduction to tank vaping.