Derp Sauce

If you are writing a history project on the American Wild West, note that Wyatt Derp is not a historical figure. He is a 21st Century vape mixer named Jeromiah Emanuel. As a husband and father, he knew he had to give up cigarettes: you don’t need to have a family to realize that.

While giving up is hard, turning this challenge into a hobby that becomes a job is the ideal result. That’s what Emanuel did when he founded Derp Sauce. His plan is to supply great quality juices with a side order of humor: nothing rude or gut-splitting. You will enjoy his genial approach to the business as seen in many Facebook and forum posts.

A Derp Sauce Review

Derp Sauce makes a handful of sauces: Batderp Blend, Barrel Roll, Hullabaloo, RY U NO 4, and Sleight of Hand. Each of them is bottled in glass and comes in different ratios of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Customers have noted this fact, but on Giant Vapes they are all listed as 50/50 mixtures.

Batderp Blend is the maker’s favorite, combining blackberry and banana with menthol. You could call this an all-day-vape; a glorious smelling and tasting flavor. One customer reported the clouds are huge but throat hit is light. No one says anything negative about Derp flavors.

Lovers of cinnamon bun vapes will appreciate the authenticity of a Barrel Roll. Hullabaloo mixes raspberry with chocolate and mint. That’s a heavenly combination.

It doesn’t take a degree in e-liquid mixology to know what RY U NO 4 should resemble. This version has all the right components: vanilla, caramel, and tobacco. The difference, however, is that this version of a RY4 is authentic enough to win over a vaper who recently gave up analogs.

Unfortunately, you might not see the clouds of vapor you want or feel that hit in the back of your throat. Of course, adjusting your VV could make a bit of difference.

Do you like magic tricks? Sleight of Hand is no trick: just a good blueberry-vanilla vape with a touch of cream. The throat hit is respectable.

As a guide for the equipment you might want to use, Wyatt Derp puffs on a Provari, Vamo, and also a Smok SID. Could these be the perfect e-cigs for his flavors? Enjoy the layers and purity of flavor from a Derp Sauce.

Buying Derp Sauce

Now that you are tantalized and wish to buy Derp Sauce, here’s the bad news: Emanuel doesn’t sell it directly. His juice is available online, however, from Giant Vapes.