Desert Vapes

The Arizona Desert brings you electronic cig shopping at low prices and tremendous selection. This Desert Vapes Review will outline just some of the reasons to shop here online for all of your electronic cigarette parts and liquids.

An American Company

Patriotic Americans will buy from American companies if they have the items they want. Desert Vapes wisely offers juice brands from the United States plus imports for connoisseurs. They keep their prices low by purchasing in large numbers and maintaining low overhead costs. This means they can legitimately bring customers much lower prices than regular retail for high-end products.

Tasty Nicotine Juice

Desert Vapes carries juice featuring odd names: Beetlejuice and Carburetor Cleaner for example. Before you gag, think about it: these are memorable labels. Anyone can call their liquid “cinnamon,” but Carburetor Cleaner will stick in a person’s head, and the alliteration will remind them of cinnamon. Beetlejuice sounds disgusting, but it is just a tropical fruit blend. Gummy Bear has a sweeter ring to it and tastes the way it sounds.

E Cig Brands

Desert Vapes carries the typical names — JoyeTech, SmokTech, and Kanger — plus some you might not have seen at an online e cig store before. Boge and Kamry are two examples. Some brands wind up in the starter kit category. Others are found among accessories.

Many Categories

You can buy everything here, including electronic pipes and cigars. The latter product is available in small, medium, and large formats. E cig starter kits contain a wooden pipe, black mouthpiece, Marlboro-style tobacco, and a 900mAh Li-ion battery. Get 3.4 to 4.2v output from your e pipe.

Although the usual items like cartomizers, chargers, atomizers, drip tips, cones, and batteries are listed, there is also an accessories section featuring unusual pieces. For instance, purchase cute bunny drip tips. Paste a bumper sticker to the back of your car that says “Vapers Never Quit.” Smoke the e cigs and buy the t-shirt.