DFW Vapor

Here is another alumnus of the class of 2009: DFW Vapor. Their Texas stores are in Grapevine, Lewisville (also the site of their main office), McKinney, Rowlett, Frisco, and Harlingen. Another store is open in Louisville, Kentucky. That’s a big presence, especially when added to their online store. Lewisville is where DFW makes their vapor.

E Liquid: a DFW Vapor Review

Each month, DFW Vapor features a flavor or four. I don’t know why the chosen items are featured. Nothing is mentioned about discounts on featured flavors. I guess they just needed a bit more attention.

Each 10ml bottle of their homemade juice costs $6, so it’s above cheap but not boutique. Their juices are not customizable except that customers select a value of nicotine from zero to 36mg.

Just a sample of their flavors includes Almond Amaretto and Chardonnay. Cream Soda, Frisco Blend Tobacco, and Banana Split are three more of the many bottles available. Reviews for each one are listed right on the site so you do not have to go far to read oodles of authentic, sometimes great, occasionally painful write-ups.

Joyetech Joy

Lots of Joyetech accessories are listed at DFW Vapor. These include 510-T atomizers and other parts. If you need anything to do with Joyetech electronic cigarettes, this could be your one-stop shop.

Ample Accessories

There are simply pages of accessories and what appears to be a good level of stock. A 12 to 24V car adaptor is $6: great. Their 18650 battery charger costs just $5.99. A series of 510 bullet tips is offered for $4.99 per piece, which I love. Bullet tips are frequently more expensive than this.

Heavy Equipment

If the bullet drip tip put you in mind of boot camp, what will the Innokin Cool Fire II “Grenade” kit do to your mind? It costs $64.99 on sale: a fair price. A Cubica Cartomizer starter kit sells for $42 (reduced), while the iTaste MVP V2 kit is $59.99. I like that number. A Smok E Pipe is carried for $24.99 on sale. DFW also stocks the ZMAX and its mini version.

You would have to say their prices are usually fair or very good.

Word on the Street

When customers visit DFW Vapor stores, they come up with varied impressions. The Louisville shop is probably their best one, at least from what is posted. Things at Frisco are not as good.

Generally, customer service is fine with some major exceptions. In particular, do not try to phone them. One patron said he did not have any joy until he visited in person. Selection is okay at the store.

There must be a lot of people working at the Frisco location, or turn around is rapid, but knowledgeable support is always provided.