DIY Flavor Shack

All your life you wished you could be like the DIY guys and gals who can put a Wendy house together. You wish you could fix a broken toaster without resorting to purchasing a new one. Today you can call yourself a handy man or woman if you vape.

DIY Flavor Shack Review

Like many positive reviews of young companies, it is one or a small group of agents who make a company successful. Customers keep writing about their great experiences with a particular person at DIY Flavor Shack.

Here is the scoop: you choose the type of vapor taste you want, which could be dessert, tobacco, menthol, or who knows what. If you are new to vaping and not yet sure what flavors you might like, Flavor Shack carries some ready made.

If you do know what you want, the next choice is format. Bottle sizes start at 6mls and $4 and climb to 250mls and well over $100 dollars. Nicotine is up to 36mg, with a higher dose available for mixing. Compared to most e juice firms, 36mg is high in a good way.

Start with a base flavoring like brandy, apple, coffee, or honey. You know these can be flavored in many ways with fruit, vanilla, caramel, etc. As a base, this will give structure to your flavor.

Then you add whatever you want from the list. Most combinations appear to have been made by someone, somewhere, but this is not always the answer. The throat hit might not have been great, or you noticed an aftertaste. Still wanting the combination of raspberry and vanilla coffee you decide to go the DIY route and see what you make of that.

After reading reviewer experiences, chances are you will be pleased with not just the people but also their products. They state on their “About Us” page that priority one is getting goods to their clients exactly as they were ordered and in good shape, not speedy delivery. Expect a quick turn-around from order to receiving goods anyway.