Downtown Vape

Another vape juice line has landed in America with 35 flavors of e-juice in red and black plastic bottles. Their name is Downtown Vape and they make juices that sound wonderful.

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All of their liquids contain about 40% USP-grade vegetable glycerin. Presumably the rest is propylene glycol, though if it is also USP-grade that is not mentioned. A bottle containing 10mls of liquid from 0 to 2.4% nicotine usually costs $9.99 with some exceptions.

The Flavor Range at Downtown Vape

Daybreak is a sweet and nutty juice, a little bit creamy too with French Vanilla. You might have seen versions of Soho elsewhere: also sweet and nutty, but this time a tobacco. Soho features caramelized highlights.

Biscotti e-liquid by Downtown Vape tastes like roasted almonds and is lightly sweet, not like a sugar cookie. Their Grape Escape is self-explanatory.

Maraschino Blast is accompanied by the history of maraschino cherries (abridged). Blueberry Tart is not a dessert vape but blueberries with tart citrus notes. Midnight Express was designed to taste like an authentic tobacco cigarette without the chemicals.

Online Learning

Most electronic cigarette websites that post anything educational gear all of their knowledge towards how to use e-cigs and the ingredients in e-liquid, but there is fun in store at Downtown Vape for anyone who loves trivia. Liquids are accompanied by short blurbs delving into the history of an ingredient or the origin of a word. This is entertaining and does nothing to interfere with what you really need to know: flavor profiles.

Special Deals

You don’t have to pick $99 worth of e-juice to enjoy free shipping: they have hardware like Evod pass-through batteries and Bling ego Batteries. Brands include Kanger, Innokin, Smok, and iSmoka. Downtown Vape carries blister kits, atomizers, and tanks. Reaching the minimum for free shipping won’t be hard.

Another deal is membership, which amounts to signing up for automatic shipments. The lowest membership is $5.99 per month for a 10ml bottle.