E-Cig And Vapor Lounge

You can’t help but feel that in a place called Humble in Texas you are going to be treated like royalty; as though the name could be a self-fulfilling prophecy for all who live there. Let’s hope that is the case at E-Cig and Vapor Lounge because it makes a big difference to a customer’s experience when employees have the humility to know who keeps the money coming in to pay their wages.

It becomes tiring to find shops where employees think they’re too cool for their gig. Also, a good shopping trip makes up for prices that are far from humble.

ecigandvaporlounge.comE-Cig and Vapor Lounge Review

So here is the run-down of products sold online by E-Cig and Vapor Lounge: it is an unusual selection which includes mini cigs. If you thought only brand websites sold their particular electronic cigarettes, you will be surprised to see some of the most popular brands carried on this website.

They include Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, and Halo Cigs. You are thinking, “Yippee! Finally I can buy those products for less money!”

Except, they are not cheaper at E-Cig and Vapor Lounge; in fact, starter kits and replacements are more expensive here. I wonder what would motivate someone to buy a Triton or G6 Starter Kit made by Halo for $5 more each when nothing else is added.

What would possess me to pay extra for replacements? Cartomizers for the G6 cost $8.99 at Halo, $9.99 here. Triton Crystal Clear Tanks cost $3 more each. I will shop at Halo Cigs for spares, thank you.

Their V2 Cigs starter kits include one custom-made by E-Cig and Vapor Lounge. It is not a bad price. Green Smoke Kits are not any better than you would find on the Green Smoke website, like the two-filter, one-battery intro pack for $29.99.

An eRoll from Joye is priced $64.99 with all the same items as elsewhere online, but overpriced here. At least juice is on par and they sell Halo Purity plus Johnson Creek.

Is the store any cheaper? Perhaps not, but it’s a relaxed environment with Wi-Fi, a TV, and a gourmet coffee bar. Bring your non-vaping friends for a latte while you sample e-liquids slowly.