E Cig Express

E Cig Express produces so many flavors that there is little point getting into options. You can guess, from what you already know about vaping choices, that there will be sweet, nutty, and fruity selections. Tobacco and mint or menthol will be well represented. Working your way through the list could be a pleasure or a torment, but there are always reviews to help you plus the option to create your own style of liquid.
VaporZone Jet Kit

Before you look into this, I’d suggest that for the money, you check out Vapor Zone first.

They are my easy #1 pick for mod style batteries and refillable e-juices.

Their website: http://vaporzone.com

A Review of Express E Cigs

The most important factor to consider is hardware, especially cartridges are refillable. The Joye eGo line contains a few examples of e cigs in mini format and larger kits. A Crystal Mini eGo starter kit comes with a 400mAh battery, a vision clearomizer, three heads, two mouthpieces, a black lanyard, and a cordless USB charger.

A Super eGo kit contains a wall charger, USB fast charger, and two atomizers. It contains two manual batteries, and provides color selection. Pick copper, green, black, or pink, but the mouthpiece will be black.

Within the Joye line there is also a 510, while the X Series looks more like a real cigarette with the orange mouthpiece and white battery.

Customer reviews helpfully lay out the pros and cons, mostly pros, of this brand. Multiple star ratings show this to be a dependable line. A thirty-day battery/charger warranty is standard but not exceptional. Some firms are going so far as to offer lifetime warranties on mechanical parts. One has to wonder why the warranty is so limited, but if star ratings say much, it is that you don’t need to worry.

Disposable E Cigs

For about $8 you can get a disposable electronic cigarette in menthol or tobacco. Strengths available are 12mg and 18mg. A Disposable Impulse Bright is named for the type of tobacco it is filled with. Take up to 300 puffs on 12mg of nicotine.