E-Liq Cube

E-Liq Cube is gourmet juice made in Long Beach, California, which is ironic considering the controversy around e-smoking in the state. Let’s hope the government will not over-regulate the industry so firms like E-Liq Cube can thrive.

They make only kosher, USP grade products without diacetyl, propionyl, or acetyl. These are questionable ingredients, especially diacetyl that has been connected to respiratory problems in some consumers. The E-Liq Cube Facebook page mentions a contest: check in once in a while to discover if there are giveaways or contests on the go.

Just a Handful from Multiple Flavors

Products are categorized as fruit, drink, dessert, candy, coffee and tea, or tobacco and menthol. This gives you lots of scope for investigation and sampling.

Redz Tobacco is full flavored, but Goldz Tobacco is a little lighter. Avalanche is a powerful mint e juice. Funky Monkey is another name for banana-coffee. The real Chai Tea is popular enough that most customers would recognize its blend of spices. French Roast will wake you up.

A few of their new flavors are Cherry Rush, Mocha Cream, and Dr. Cherry. The last one is a combination of Dr. Pepper and Cherry Cola, allegedly for people who cannot choose between the two.

Where to Buy

It is not possible to purchase directly from E-Liq Cube online, but the brand is carried by companies all over America. The bulk of them are located in California, but Nevada, Arizona, Washington State, and Minnesota customers also find the juice in assorted vaping shops. There are just over 130 retail locations that carry E-Liq Cube.


Most of the time an E-Liq Cube review is positive, but comments tell readers a lot. For one thing, this is a more expensive juice than you might be able to afford because it is gourmet. As noted above, the makers are careful not to use certain ingredients that flavor juice more cheaply.

Secondly, some customers would like bigger bottles. That just tells you they are devoted to E-Liq Cube.