While the market is flourishing with many top e-cigarette brands in the USA, and tons of options for e-cig enthusiasts, the same cannot be said for our European friends. Electronic cigarettes have faced heavy fire from local authorities there and it has been hard for brands to make their presences felt in the region. But today we will be looking at E-Lites, a brand based in the United Kingdom which has been doing quite well so far.

One look at the website of E-lites will help you realize why the brand is doing great in the UK. E-lites with its design has tried replicating the feel of Marlboro red cigarettes in both outlook and taste. The pack that comes with the electronic cigarette has the same color scheme and the same size of a regular pack of Marlboro Reds. And if that is not enough, the flavors offered are also replicates of the traditional cigarette brand.

E-lites just like any other brand of electronic cigarette here in the United States offers many different starter kits. But what makes it so different from other brands in the market is its disposable electronic cigarette offering. The unique bit about the disposable e-cigs offered by E-lites is that the battery that comes with them is actually rechargeable unlike other disposable e-cigs which come with single use disposable batteries. So the good news is that if you are looking forward to try E-lites, you can actually start from their disposable cigarette and then later buy a starter kit and get a charger so you can keep using the same battery.

The disposable cigarettes offered by E-lites come in hard, medium, light and no nicotine variations. The only problem with the brand is that it does not have flavors other than traditional tobacco and menthol. This is quite understandable because the authorities are hitting electronic cigarette brands hard and use of flavored nicotine has been hard for many brands. But as far as the two flavors are concerned, we believe that E-lites is doing a great job in giving both of these flavors the taste they deserve.

If you are in the United Kingdom, E-lites is definitely one of the best brands you can get your hands on. This is because many of the brands that are available in the US are absent from the European region. So even if you wanted to import an electronic cigarette from the US, you will have to pay loads of shipping charges to get these.

One other thing that we would like to mention in the end is the price of the cartridges offered by E-lites. We were a bit disappointed when we heard that the cartridges cost around $5.70 for one which lasts around 300 puffs. In the USA, the same cartridge can be obtained for half of that price. But considering the vapor and the taste of the brand, we would definitely recommend it because it is quite balanced in both.

We still maintain that our top pick at the moment is V2 Cigs.