Is there any end to the number of companies making vapor liquid? Perhaps not, and that’s good. Variety forces prices to remain reasonable, although a really low price makes one wonder about quality.

When you see 5ml bottles at $2.50 as compared with $4.50 or even $7.50, you have to be wary. What will turn the tide, however, is certification from a body which makes you feel more secure about a product.

VaporZone E-LiquidFor my money, VaporFi is the best e-liquid.

Their website:

An ECBlend Review

One of the first things that should stand out about ECBlend is that they are members of the American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA). Obviously this is a relatively new organization, but certification is important. You have someone to turn to apart from ECBlend if there is any doubt over the quality and safety of products purchased from the company, which makes them accountable.


ECBlend encourages customers to create their own liquids. They offer a choice of four flavors from their substantial list. Out of these you select a base flavor, strength, extra flavor, or double-extra flavor. No guarantees or warranties are offered because of the personal nature of taste, so the company recommends starting small and reading reviews. Several honest comments are listed on their website beside tasty choices.

The Dragon Series

Among varieties ECBlend makes is a Dragon series described by consumers as creamy. The list includes Dragon’s Blood (dragon fruit), Dragon’s Brew (Espresso), and Dragon’s Apple (enough said). Another series you might not have seen is the floral selection. Enjoy aromas like chrysanthemum, hibiscus, and jasmine.

Traditional flavors are also included along with sodas, liqueurs, and holiday treats such as eggnog and pumpkin spice.

While flavors are being developed all the time, this means there is no room on the site for items less favored by the public. They land in the “discontinued” pile where you can still find them, at full price, until they are gone.