Even if you do not know where or why you heard it, the name “Efest” is familiar to you. Probably most North American consumers have seen it when loading a solar device or setting up emergency lighting.

All vapers come across it periodically, when they replace batteries for their electronic cigarettes. Efest is a Chinese company that makes batteries for e cigs, cell phones, cordless phones, etc. Efest advertising says they produce the most powerful batteries in the market.

An Efest Review

Although they cover a lot of ground with their sales selection, Efest does not spread itself too thin. They provide batteries and chargers for vapers at several levels. Their chargers accept two and even four batteries plus USB items.

Buy a Bio Li-ion battery charger, or a SODA that charges two batteries simultaneously. Their LUC V4 offers 4 charging channels, an LCD charger, provides protection against all kinds of dangers to your batteries (overcharge, short circuit, reverse polarity), and features a screen so you can view the status of your batteries. It comes with zero voltage activation and accepts loads of different types of batteries.

Their battery cases are all clear and inexpensive. Most are plain, but tinted items are available. They also sell safety charging bags.

Now for the Batteries

Most customers to Efest are looking for batteries; the items that run out most frequently. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan. Buy rechargeable 18650, 26500, and other styles of battery for mods and intermediate e cigs. Try 340, 1600, or even 3000mAh featuring 3.7volts. There are several pages of rechargeable batteries.

Getting in Touch with Efest

This is a small world. If you want to chat with someone in English from Efest, they provide live chat. Customers can also email, phone, or fax them.

Buying Efest

It is possible to purchase their products directly from the home site, but Efest is sold by many electronic cigarette companies. Your options for purchasing are varied and prices remain low no matter where you find them.