EJuiceMonkeys is a brand that specializes in e-liquid. The brand makes tailor made e-juice as per the user’s orders. Based in Arkansas, EJuiceMonkeys is an online retailer only. Its products can be purchased directly from its website.

EJuiceMonkeys E-Juice

The e-juice available at EJuiceMonkeys is thicker than others and much purer. All the e-juice acquired from EJuiceMonkeys will let users enjoy nice thick vape volume when they add it in their electronic cigarettes. What the brand offers to users is to make their own e-juice. Users can place their orders for the e-juice and add/mix flavors they want. EJuiceMonkeys uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine and other fine quality ingredients in its e-liquid. The e-juice is available in different sizes and different nicotine variations.

Atomizers And Cartomizers

eJuiceMonkeys also offers atomizers and cartomizers that can be viewed and purchased directly from the company’s website. There are plenty of atomizers to choose from. All atomizers are made out of sturdy materials and most of them are stainless. Users can also get tanks and other e-cig parts at low prices.

With respect to cartomizers, eJuiceMonkeys again offers them in huge varieties. Not only does the company offer cartomizers but protanks, CE4s and parts. All the products are priced very cheaply and mostly fall under $10.


eJuiceSmoke also offers batteries that can be purchased in addition to the other items. The battery life of your e-cigs will depend on the battery you get. For example, the 1100 mAH battery will give you at least 9-14 hours of e-cig smoking without prompting you to recharge it. There is plenty of variety when it comes to batteries and all are priced under $25.

Starter Kits

eJuiceMonkeys offers 10 different starter kits. While some of them are available at discounted prices, those that are not are still quite cheap. Nearly all e-cig starter kits cost less than $55.