You can guess from its name what ELiquidPlanet is all about: vaping products and e liquid. There are a couple of really intelligent reviews on the internet plus the usual quick-reviews, all of which are helpful. One vaper indicates that he is a fan. Another says he recommends ELiquidPlanet, but does not prefer them. If this sounds contradictory, lots of reviewers feel likewise: that the juice they try is good but not for them.

In this ELiquidPlanet review, I will address features like after taste, authenticity of flavors, quality, and overall opinions of a few flavors.

With so many flavors on their menu, you are not going to find reviews of all of them. Sometimes you just have to buy a bottle and find out if you like it. $6.99 per 10mls is not too bad. You can pay less, but vapers agree: paying less could lead to a terrible taste experience leaving you feeling nauseated. Be willing to pay more for a brand you like because it will be worth the money.

Three of the most popular categories of flavors are tobacco, menthol, and coffee. One writer noticed a lot of similarity between tobacco versions but was not put off by this. The same would be said if you ate three different types of apples (the real fruit, I mean) or coffee roasted by three different specialists. In spite of differences, they all share some basic qualities, though you definitely have a favorite.

What reviewers were impressed with was authenticity. When you vaped a liquid, it tasted as it should, not like a coffee-ish or tobacco-like product with an odd and sickening aftertaste. They are flavorful too.

The Essence line carries flavors like ginger which is so strong it is best as a DIY base when you add something else such as chocolate or orange. Whatever ginger combination you usually enjoy in food should work.