Empire Mods

Empire Mods sells other people’s goods and their own Empire Mod. You have to see this thing; there is probably nothing on the market as artistic, at least as far as e cig mods go. Glass drip tips are created in unique shapes and colors, but no mod anywhere else is designed to look like a modern architectural masterpiece.

VaporZone Pulse Kit*If You Are On The Market For Modded E-Cigs/APVs*

I always point out Vapor Zone for anyone looking for advanced vaporizers, or excellent e-juice.

Pictured here is the Vapor Zone Pulse, one of their APVs.

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Their site: http://vaporzone.com

Building an Empire

It is hard to get hold of this vaping device, but every Empire Mods review takes a good look at it. This flexible unit can be adjusted to take lots of different batteries by altering the center tube.

In spite of its heavy looks, the device is light enough to stand up without activating the battery. Sleeves for the Empire Mod are available in different colors sold separately. Empire Mods warns that this model is for experienced users, not newbies.

Authorized Dealers

Empire Mods is an authorized dealer for several companies. Find AW, XTAR, Atmistique, and Flavorz on their site plus a few other brands. Kanger and iKenVape turn up here too. Empire Mods sells batteries, drip tips, atomizers, adaptors, and pretty much any necessity for vapers using advanced machines.

One of the lines they carry, Atmistique, loves unusual names, not just e cigs. Their artistically-designed drip tips are uniquely titled Scuba, Parthenon, and Burritos, for example. These are not your usual, inexpensive tips but are made of stainless steel.

E Cigs

Empire Mods also sells e-cigs. Their line contains disposables for $3.99 which is amazing for mini analogs and Hangsen devices. Prices for Smoktech eGo and eGo Passthrough starter kits are good here, and the site is organized so that on the same page you also see other Smoktech parts and related devices.

Customer Service

Empire Mods wants to be your e-tailer for all things related to e cigs, and their product assortment continues to grow. Customer service at Empire Mods is considered top notch and this is one of those hallmarks to look for in a company.