Envy E-Cig

Native Americans are giving their people opportunities for employment within their own communities. One business offering this chance is Envy, an electronic cigarette company owned by Native Americans and operated by indigenous people as well.

Their aim is to make electronic smoking an affordable alternative to using traditional cigarettes. Give up regular cigs and make a fresh start which your wallet, and the environment will appreciate. Find out more about what they are doing to shake up the industry.

Envy E-Cig Review

The lowest-priced starter kit at Envy is about $20, which is a good number for someone new to vaporizing pens. The Nirvana Starter Kit includes 1 battery, 1 USB, two cartomizers, and a one-year warranty. As usual, with a basic starter kit, flavors are limited to regular or menthol tobacco.

Disposables are priced about $13. This is not an especially low price, but you get up to 600 puffs per cigarette. The Island series comes in cocktail flavors like whiskey and cola, each with a particular strength of nicotine.

The Spirit line comes in regular and menthol, 18mg or 24mg. A summer line of disposables is fruity and colorful. All Envy e cigs are supposedly small and light, smaller than the usual brand. Although this takes something away from the realism of an e cigarette, it is pleasant when a product is so discrete.

Knight in Shining Armor

The newest product by Envy is Knight featuring 2 to 3 days of battery life. It comes with one battery, a USB charger, one year warranty, and a clearomizer. You can also adjust the power to get what Envy says is a competitive amount of vapor. For $29.95, this level of personal control is well-priced.

Smoke and Make Money

Like several other e cigarette companies, one marketing ploy is to offer distribution opportunities. As distributors, smokers pay for their habit and possibly earn more on the side.