EVCigarettes is pleased to welcome customers looking for Kanger, Joyetech, and Vamo products online. In fact, call them EVC for short, like an old friend. A review of what they have to offer reveals a lengthy menu of products that includes juices by Dekang, Joe Coquito, Joyetech, and Joe Lady.

Even if you use hardware produced by someone not listed here, take a look and you could find accessories by that company or compatible items. EVC is happy to share their knowledge and opinions about parts, accessories, kits, and e-juice.

Parts for the Russian

You are not going to buy “The Russian” or “Russian 91%” at EVC, but you can get parts for it. Purchase an acrylic replacement tank with two O-rings, a rebuildable atomizer, plus small parts like O-rings, a new center pin, or a stainless cube.

Buy generic drip tips along with brand-specific items. I have never seen “The Russian” listed elsewhere, but if there are other multi-brand vendors carrying it or parts for it, they are unusual.

Low Price Starter Kits

E-cig tank starter kits are very well priced at EVC. This is where you should get them if you want to get started with advanced personal vaping or to buy a gift. The Kanger E Smart 510 Clearomizer kit comes with two 320mAh batteries, a charger and adaptor, two clearomizers with 1.3ml reservoirs, and 10mls of e-liquid from Dekang. A price of $32.99 is fabulous for what you get.


Dekang e-liquid comes in 80/20, 20/80, or 50/50 ratios of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin. Joyetech liquids are 60/40 pg/vg ratio. For vg-only e-liquids, visit other vendors. Juice examples are tantalizing for consumers who love plenty of sweet choices, rum or cocktails, and satisfying for lovers of traditional tobacco. RY4, Black Devil, and French Pipe are just three in a pleasing menu of tobacco possibilities.

Carry Cases

Select from practical leather or vinyl cases and transparent plastic cases with the same look as dollar-store bead holders. This writer hopes you like black.