Ever Smoke

E-cig smokers seem to love Ever Smoke, a popular electronic cigarettes brand. By visiting the company’s site, you will see that it has been well catered for in the media and has been tried by a lot of users. Moreover, if you take a look at the customer testimonials, it will seem that the brand is PERFECT, but is it?

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Ever Smoke is most popular for its unique VaporFlo technology. By the help of this technology, which is specific to Ever Smoke only, users can produce maximum vapor by inhaling and exhaling on the electronic cigarettes. Ever Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are based on the 3 part design which means that there is an atomizer, a cartridge and a tip. All of the e-cigs at Ever Smoke have tips made out of silicon which prevent leakages in the smoker’s mouth.

Ever Smoke believes in delivering quality but not at the expense of user’s budget. The company’s products are very fairly priced and in fact are available on massive discounts these days. The company offers products in the form of starter kits.

Here’s a starter kit along with their portable charging case:

Eversmoke Starter Kit

Additionally, there is plenty to get your hands on when it comes to cartridge flavors and nicotine strength. The company offers its cigarettes in 5 different nicotine variations. You can also get add on items such as extra batteries, chargers, charging cases, adapters and flavor packs separately, without the starter kits.

Eversmoke Tobacco Cartridges

Customers love Ever Smoke’s disposable cigarettes that are meant for one time use. The disposable cigarettes are available in 3 different packs; the 5 pack for $49.99, 10 pack for $89.99 and 15 pack for $124.99.

Ever Smoke offers lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee on its products which is a huge plus of getting your e-cigs from this particular company. If you are interested in buying Ever Smoke’s products, you can pay via MasterCard, Visa and Discover. The company ships worldwide and offers home delivery on its products too.

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