Faded Vapes

Do not let Faded Vapes fade into your peripheral vision as you explore other e-liquids at vape stores. Faded Vapes is not selling a lot of juice flavors yet but they are merely setting out on this business venture. Who knows what could be coming (and what you might be missing when you see the “sold-out” sign at a vendor’s bar)?

Juice Flavors

There are only six styles of juice from Faded Vapes:

• $15K
• Cloud Princess
• Sancho
• The D
• The Godfather

Maybe a few vapers get the connection between their flavors and their titles, but I am at sea.

Cloud Princess combines papaya and plum for an unexpected combination of juicy and tangy fruit. Sancho blends pineapple with peach: it is a similar strategy to the one above I think. They do it again with raspberry and dragon fruit, a.k.a. The D. Strawberry, apple, and mango becomes $15K, while the The Godfather, their newest flavor of e-liquid, blends vanilla custard, dolce de leche, whipped cream, and a notion of tobacco. BBT is a melon vape.

Faded Vapes Complexity

Where complex juices are concerned, it looks like The Godfather is one of the most layered from Faded Vapes. It also marks a departure from their other fruit-driven styles into creamy dessert liquids and is the only one containing tobacco. All flavors provide a lot of everything you are looking for: throat hit, vapor production, and flavor.

The Look: A Faded Vapes Review

This Los Angeles vape company has chosen a label featuring puffy lettering, the kind that resembles a balloon about to explode. It is light-hearted and amusing, suggesting they don’t take life seriously at Faded Vapes. Bottles are made of clear glass so flavors are not undermined by rumors of plastic.

Each bottle comes in 0, 6, or 12mg of nicotine. This is an oddly short list of values; adding an 18mg would make a lot of sense. But the vapes (costing $13 for 15mls, so pricy), have a hookah quality to them with their sweetness which could explain the low nicotine.


Check out Faded Vapes on Facebook where they recently had a giveaway going on. You never know when the next one will start up.