Fin Cigs

Fin makes a good impression by responding to one of my biggest concerns about e cig marketing. They state that by selling only menthol and tobacco flavors, not cherry and cola, etc., their aim is to attract existing smokers. Fin has no interest in recruiting new vapers from a young audience which has never tasted a cigarette before.

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This family-owned U.S. business run by people with previous business savvy should give you confidence that they know what they are doing. There is no mention of an ex-smoker’s commitment or passion. Still, attention to detail is present throughout the entire user-friendly website.

Whatever you are looking at is clearly labeled. E juice ingredients are listed without you having to search for them. The product page contains everything Fin currently carries. Although this list is not huge (thanks to their small selection of flavors and strengths), the listing method makes their selection look large enough.

You will like their competitively priced starter kits starting with a one-battery package containing two cartridges and a USB. This one is $15.99, while four cartridges, one battery, a USB, but no case is $21.

For another $8.99, get the AC/USB adaptor and three cartridges plus two batteries. Move up another $10 for a mobile charger. Opt for the kit in a smart collector’s tin.

Disposables are available in one-, two-, and five-packs. Fourteen cartridges are $14.00. E Juice comes in 0.8%, 1.6%, and 2.4% nicotine. This last item is perhaps the best value on the site, but the whole product line is well-priced.

Fin’s site stylishly mimics 1940s style, and you could be reminded of Life magazine covers from the era.


If you want to know how much less you pay as a vaper than you did as a smoker, go to their cost-comparison page where it is all laid on the line. Also, when you go to the checkout, take advantage of their $5-off coupon code.