Firebrand Cigs

I dislike the Firebrand website: let me get that out of the way immediately. The website says nothing about the product, but it is a first impression. The page is far too busy and I felt like I was looking at an infomercial for an “as seen on TV” product. With a bit of adjustment the site could become as cool as the Firebrand logo.

Firebrand E Cig Review

With that down side taken care of, consider the brand itself. Firebrand carries the iTaste SVD for $64.99, a reasonable price tag. Rather than a descriptive paragraph, Firebrand lists information in bullet-form which is easy to read at a glance. See all you need to see about the OHM reader, battery meter, and other features before deciding to put it on your “maybe” list or knock it off.

Falcon Series e cigs are made for people who want several times more power than they get from a cigalike. This is an ego with edgy looks a Harley rider might want in his pocket. An Elite Kit comes with two batteries of 900mAh or 650mAh each. There are two cones and ten cartomizers. Get a carry case, charger, and wall charger for $69.99. For the same price, choose a refillable device plus 10ml of liquid and three atomizers.

Firestorm Rising is a tank system similar in power to the Falcon. It comes with two 2.4ml tanks plus 10ml of liquitine. Again, pay $69.99 for the kit. I have no arguments with prices like these for eGo systems containing batteries, chargers, liquid, and so on. I like the variety of choices and the fact that kits can be built-up and changed.

I also think the name “liquitine” for e juice is highly fitting and fun, while purchasing American-made juice is preferable. Vestratto is a vanilla variety beautiful on its own or in combination with other flavors costing $7.99 for 10mls.